For this week’s topic new metaphors, new models, I decided to go with a vintage online shopping website Vestiaire Collective.

Vestiaire Collective is a major sales of vintage clothing and accessories website. It allows users to become sellers or consumers. Because of the particularity of vintage, it has a professional identification team to help consumers check whether the products description are in line with the products when purchasing privately sellers other than the website.

At the beginning, the card deck I chose is Imaginaries Lab:, I selected three cards by randomly stopped when scrolling the pictures. Then I found another website Brainstorm cards: Since my product is an e-commerce service, these cards are perfect fitted my topic. After randomly selected another three cards from Brainstorm, I found it is possible to combine them together into three pairs of new models topics. In addition, except the card deck, another good way of brainstorming is collage. Thus, I decided to use collage to express my thoughts, and here is my process.

First: A bridge that opens and What if customers shared your product or service offer?

There are two important reasons for the existence of vintage: saving money and environmental protection. When I got these two cards, I thought, why can’t we let renting replace buying again? Open the closed-loop of sales, so that clothing can be better circulated among consumers. In addition, a lot of vintages are unique, and many people who love them can’t buy the most desirable products. Therefore, renting can also let more people enjoy the beauty of vintage. Besides, there are not many occasions for the application of luxury antiques, and there are many regulations, users may only wear them once or twice. Therefore, renting service can save users a lot of expenses and protect the environment.

Second: Net and What if you could lower the barriers to use?

For lower the barriers to use, Vestiaire Collective already did a good job of letting the users could be both sellers and consumers, so it expands the wide range the vintage choose several times. However, there is a negative consequence is the consumers do not have enough time to search their favorite products. For this reason, I want to build a shopping network. All the people can share clothes suitable for different occasions according to the theme, culture, or according to the classification of interests. This can also increase user stickiness.

Third: Seeing yourself in a different way and What if you used gamification?

As we know, one big drawback of e-commerce is that users can’t try on clothes. So I want to add a feature to this website that users can fit the clothes by AR. Users can upload their height, weight, three-dimensional data to simulate the effect of fitting on. To make this feature more interesting, I want to turn it into a facelift game. For example, there will be topic once a week or once a month, and users can match clothing by the theme. According to the number of likes, winners can get gifts or discount coupons prepared by the website.

After analysis these three topic above, I found it is possible to combine them together. In my mind, the game of AR fitting room could be the basic foundation of the new function. Like what I mentioned before, there will be topic of different culture, occasion, or style posted every week or every month, and users could match the clothing by the topic and try the best to be the winner. Everyone could develop their own clothing models and upload into AR wardrobe. It will be another opportunity to advertise the products because the clothing models will go with the product links. If somebody loves the looks, they could click the link and make the order.

Here is the sketch:

Final delivery example:

This assignment actually reminds me of a small game to help children develop their brain potential and creativity -- talking about pictures. In fact, this course give me a feeling of go back to my childhood, which is the age when imagination and creativity are the most abundant and unrestricted.Child imagination is the beginning of creativity, and I hope I could have it forever.

Working process:

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